Patient Testimonials

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy I couldn’t even sit up straight! After going through recommended treatment I am now living (and sitting) a healthy life! The staff is wonderful and friendly!

The Oakland Spine program has saved me from further surgery. A major part of that is Massage Therapy.

Thank you Oakland Spine for Sharon, your new massage therapist at Oakland. Immediately she seemed to “know” my spine and tailor the massage to my specific needs. Her expertise made my first time with her a top massage therapy experience.

After giving birth to my third baby boy, I developed a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers were totally numbed. My first thought was either cortisone shots or surgery. Then I came across Dr. Butler’s practice. After a series of adjustments and intensive physical therapy, my symptoms are almost entirely gone. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. Also, they handle insurance matters so you don’t have to worry about it. They ALWAYS discuss it with you upfront so there are no surprises. Did I mention they serve delicious cookies? If you experience any problems with your spinal chord, I strongly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center. They go above and beyond to fix your problem!

I can’t put into words what a great difference I feel and see in me. It has only been three weeks and I have been able to cut my medication down tremendously. My mind is clearer every day. My body is stronger. My spirit is healing. I can’t believe it. The staff is lovely, the doctors are caring and the facility is super clean. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Oh and I never have to wait! Heaven.

Never having experienced acupuncture before coming to the center and not being very fond of needles, I was introduced to the ancient art by Sophia. She adapted her techniques to ensure my comfort and patiently endeavored to target my problem areas with a gentle, sure touch. She has a warm personality and a true concern for the patient’s well-being.

When I first started coming here, I was in substantial pain. Their program definitely works.

Oakland Spine & Rehab was so good, I just had to come back. Due to a busy schedule, I stopped coming, but I knew I would be back. As soon as my schedule allowed, I returned. I quickly fell in love all over again. The combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, & especially physical therapy had me back to my best self quickly and gave me lifestyle changes that will also make a difference forever.

I attend Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy 3 times a week if possible since December 4, 2014. I suffer from lower back pain and stiffness in hips and legs. My upper body bends forward when walking. I saw the ad in the paper and decided to go to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy in Wayne. I felt very comfortable with the way everybody treated me and explained the treatments I would have to go through. Now I am looking forward to go for my treatments. Everybody in Wayne is very friendly and helpful and the best thing I am feeling so much better, walking straight, and with less pain. Thank you!

My name is Phil and I started treatment around October as recommended by my daughter. Going forward I received a series of various treatments to relieve my back pain. My visits were 3 times weekly which included pettibon, decompression, adjustments, and various recommended exercises. I am now feeling tremendously better. My pain has been reduced and flexibility has increased. I would highly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehab.

After many years of neck pain, upper back pain and headaches, I decided to give Oakland Spine and Rehab a try. Upon receiving chiro, massage and decompression therapy I noticed a difference in how I felt quickly. I had more energy, practically no headaches, and have not had colds or flu since. P.T. helped me to be in even better shape- where I had learned to stretch and strengthen and have lost weight. The staff members here are most personable which makes it enjoyable to come here. I highly recommend Oakland Spine & Rehab to everyone! Thanks for making me a new person!