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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been going to Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy for about 2 months now. I drive to the Wayne location just to be able to have both Dr. Steve and Dr. Joseph work on me. They are both very knowledgeable and work so well with me. The front desk is always polite and friendly. I never have to wait. I always start as soon as I come into the office. They have such a clean and fun atmosphere, it makes my appointments very enjoyable. Very great office.

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center, I was suffering from lower back pain. After an x-ray of my spine, Dr. Butler pointed out that my posture was very poor. Due to the efforts of Dr. Butler and his staff, I now feel that I’m on the road to recovery and my issues with back pain and poor posture are being resolved. I would like to continue a maintenance regime so that these problems do not reoccur.

Physical Therapy at Oakland Spine is great. The exercises I’m doing at physical therapy have been very helpful to my back and leg muscles. I especially like how I’m treated. My favorite part is the back scratches and heat!

I came to the Spine Center because I was experiencing very sharp pain in my lower back. At times, the pain would travel over my left hip bone to the groin. I was unable to sleep soundly when I did finally find a position to rest. The pain was so intense I would have to almost hold my breath. I froze like a statue. I came to the center with a pain level of an 8 and in less than two weeks I felt like a new person and almost pain free – unless I did something stupid.

Love this place. The staff here is amazing and treats everyone with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend anyone with pain issues to come here for top notch treatment.

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy I couldn’t even sit up straight! After going through recommended treatment I am now living (and sitting) a healthy life! The staff is wonderful and friendly!

I would like to thank everyone at Oakland Spine and Rehab. The staff is friendly all the time. Thanks to everyone, I am no longer in pain. I would especially like to thank the licensed massage therapists, and the acupuncturist. They have helped me in many ways. I will continue to use Oakland Spine and Rehab for a long time.

After my first visit with Sharon, I could feel a difference. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, but you can see right away that she loves it as well. Sharon cares about her patients and takes the time to get to know them and their needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains all to her patients. I am very fortunate to have had someone so caring to help me eliminate my pain. Thank you!

I first met Dr. Butler approximately six weeks ago. I had pain in my right shoulder and a burning sensation radiating down my right arm causing tingling and numbness in my right hand. I had limited motion turning my head from left to right. I experienced countless nights without sleep.

Dr. Butler diagnosed me with bulging discs in my neck (C6-C7). Immediately following my first treatment receiving decompression and LCT 1000 and had instant relief from pain with decreased tingling and numbness. After a few treatments including adjustments I was pain free and sleeping through the night.

I am so impressed and completely satisfied with the care I received by both Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells. I am appreciative and very thankful for the service, the professionalism, and the caring, friendly staff at this facility. I highly recommend Oakland Spine & Rehab to anyone in need.

I can’t put into words what a great difference I feel and see in me. It has only been three weeks and I have been able to cut my medication down tremendously. My mind is clearer every day. My body is stronger. My spirit is healing. I can’t believe it. The staff is lovely, the doctors are caring and the facility is super clean. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Oh and I never have to wait! Heaven.

So far everything has been going as planned. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

Since coming to Oakland Spine, I must say all the staff from all the girls in the front to the chiropractors to the physical therapist. Everyone is very professional, polite and friendly. Very accommodating when scheduling appointments and all seem to care about you well being and improving your physical health. I feel comfortable here always. Thanks to the entire staff.