Patient Testimonials

I recently was feeling pain in my arm! I went to a doctor in Wayne after feeling discomfort! He recommended to have an MRI done, after the results I was told I have a herniated disk in my neck! Surgery was the only option! After that a second opinion needed to be done and avoid surgery! That’s when I made an appointment with Oakland Spine care! Was the best decision and avoid surgery felt instant relief in a few short visits! I want to thank the doctors and staff! For being so nice and being honest!

I can’t put into words what a great difference I feel and see in me. It has only been three weeks and I have been able to cut my medication down tremendously. My mind is clearer every day. My body is stronger. My spirit is healing. I can’t believe it. The staff is lovely, the doctors are caring and the facility is super clean. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Oh and I never have to wait! Heaven.

Since coming to Oakland Spine, I must say all the staff from all the girls in the front to the chiropractors to the physical therapist. Everyone is very professional, polite and friendly. Very accommodating when scheduling appointments and all seem to care about you well being and improving your physical health. I feel comfortable here always. Thanks to the entire staff.

I had been to chiropractors since the 70’s and until going to OSR, I was never presented a plan to take me over a period of time to correct spinal …. The x-rays disclosed scoliosis and stenosis and a lower back which Dr. Brad titled a “board”. Sp. The first area of attack was to gain mobility. Through physical therapy and pettibon I was able to gain much more mobility in the lower back and overall spinal area. For a guy 71 years young, I need mobility to get my golf game back in shape. Now, I’m ready to stick on a maintenance type of program to continue my progress. Pain has also lessened in both back and neck. What has also helped is the self exercise given to me by Drs. Brad and Jeff which I never knew before. They insisted on my doing the exercises for neck and back to compliment my effort at their office. This self exercise really helps and is a constant reminder that curing the ills of spinal problems is a lifetime endeavor.

My family has been lucky enough to be patients of Dr. Brad for about 15 years. The times he has helped us are too many to name! He has eased my husband’s pain as a result of an injury, helped my sons and I who suffered from headaches, and kept our family healthy with regular care. Additionally, he has been there when we faced other medical issues with the support and respect it is hard to find today in the medical field. With the addition of acupuncture and Aaron, I can honestly say my life has been changed once again for the better by Oakland Spine and rehab. This office breathes wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you!

I decided to try Dr. Butler’s treatment center since my neurologist wasn’t improving my condition, which is severe Spinal Stenosis, herniated discs in lumbar region, severe arthritic neck pain and snapping when moving. All of the above contribute to neuropathy (tingling and numbness in feet and legs) causing loss of balance.

Since the start of treatments, my neck has full range of motion, mostly pain free and no cracking sounds! Some days I feel “normal” – little or no lower back pain or leg numbness for most of an entire day – maybe once or twice a week! I’m more than halfway through the prescribed program and I’m hoping to feel good “all the time,” as I’m a very physically active woman and need to be as I live alone and heat my house with a wood burning stove and need to chainsaw wood sometimes.

Decompression and chiropractic adjustments work well. Looking forward to more…

When I first came to Dr. Butler’s office, I had been to several specialists. I had undergone MRI and it was determined I had three herniated discs. One in particular was causing all the pain I have had. It was constant in the back of my right thigh and numbness in my right foot. The pain would shift depending if I was sitting or standing rapidly becoming unbearable. I had gone to doctors for consultation and epidural shots none of which worked. I was also prescribed celebrex which also was ineffective. After my last consultation I was told surgery was my only option.

While searching through my medical plan website looking for doctors for surgery I saw one of Dr. Butler I also saw an ad for him in The Bergen Record Sports section. I called the office and setup an appointment. Dr. Butler explained to me how the pain was happening and what could be done to correct it. I was a bit skeptical at first but did the two complimentary treatments. After the second one…I felt a lot better the next day…I was able to move around pain free under no medication what so ever. Additionally the staff at the Oakland Spine Center is extremely friendly, especially (Jen, Kirstin).

I highly recommend Dr. Brad Butler and Dr. Jeff Wells to anyone that has any neck and back pain.

I just want to start my letter by saying, if anyone should read it, if you have been suffering with pain or a certain condition, Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells are the doctors that can help you. They have helped me a great deal. I have been suffering with chronic pain in my foot and leg for the past 1 ½ to 2 years. I admit when Dr. Butler explained my 12 week program to me I was a little skeptical about if this would help my problems, only because, I have been to three different doctors, a foot doctor and two neurologists all they wanted to do was give me medicines that make me feel worse then I already felt and also don’t do anything to fix my problems. One day I saw an ad in the paper about what Dr. Butler could do for my body. I could say one thing about Dr. Butler with confidence, what ever he tells you he could do for you he does. I have to say one last thing about Dr. Butler and his staff; they run their office with utmost professionalism and make you feel that they really care about your well being. Thank you to all at Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for helping me. I would most definitely refer other people to Dr. Butler.

I would like to thank everyone at Oakland Spine and Rehab. The staff is friendly all the time. Thanks to everyone, I am no longer in pain. I would especially like to thank the licensed massage therapists, and the acupuncturist. They have helped me in many ways. I will continue to use Oakland Spine and rehab for a long time.

I enjoy coming to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy weekly. The atmosphere is very welcoming whether you are attending Physical Therapy or just here for a chiropractic appointment.

Physical Therapy at Oakland Spine is great. The exercises I’m doing at physical therapy have been very helpful to my back and leg muscles. I especially like how I’m treated. My favorite part is the back scratches and heat!

I want to thank all of you for the major role you played in my 3 months of therapy. I am happy to say that both my strength and mobility have improved significantly. I am continuing with the exercises that you suggested to maintain the level that I have reached through your very effective program. Thank you again!