Patient Testimonials

Sophia was a pleasure to deal with. She takes pride in her specialty and she cared about my well being. She made me feel extremely comfortable and it was relaxing.

My first impression was of smiling faces. Amanda took me around the resort (Disney Land) to see the office. I initially came with pain and left without it. I appreciate the help and the time.

Thank you Dr. Butler for everything!

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy I couldn’t even sit up straight! After going through recommended treatment I am now living (and sitting) a healthy life! The staff is wonderful and friendly!

Caring and sharing is what Oakland Spine is all about! This company values their clients and consistently provides the finest personal and medical services to all clients every time. I am so grateful!

The staff at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy center so far have been a great partner in my recovery. They are attentive and devise rehab plans that fit me. I look forward to continuing my program with them.

Since coming to Oakland Spine, I must say all the staff from all the girls in the front to the chiropractors to the physical therapist. Everyone is very professional, polite and friendly. Very accommodating when scheduling appointments and all seem to care about you well being and improving your physical health. I feel comfortable here always. Thanks to the entire staff.

I like that they use many modalities, not just one or two.

Dr. Aaliyah’s physical therapy team with Lori and tiffany use their sense of humor to cajole patients to strive harder to achieve their goals. Their professionalism guides you in their well-equipped facility with your safety and comfort foremost in mind. A great addition to the center!

Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy provided me with the relief I was seeking for 30 years. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first, having been through so much rehabilitation and physical therapy – and to me, that’s my miracle!!! The staff at OSR, from the doctors, technicians and office staff could not be any nicer or more accommodating – and the cookies are good too! Thank you to all.

I came to Oakland Spine & Rehab due to severe neck pain. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t turn my neck fully. I had tried using anti-inflammatories, heat, Icy-Hot/Ben-Gay, deep-tissue massage and stretching exercises. None of these things helped. I also believed that my neck pain was a result of muscular skeletal pain in my torso, especially the muscle bands in my middle back on both sides of my spine – that the “locking up” of these muscles and the resulting pain had traveled to my neck. This all had been going on for nearly a year, with the neck pain severe for several months before coming to Oakland.

When I saw Oakland’s ad in The Record, I was hopeful about treatment (although slightly skeptical because I had tried chiropractic several years ago for lower back and hip pain and it hadn’t helped). So far, I’ve been very happy with the treatment and am excited about my continued progress. My neck pain has decreased dramatically and my mobility has increased greatly. The muscular skeletal pain has also improved. A few days ago, I had my first day in many months with zero neck pain. I was thrilled. I can’t thank Dr. Butler and the staff at Oakland Spine & Rehab enough, and I would highly recommend this office to others.

I recently was feeling pain in my arm! I went to a doctor in Wayne after feeling discomfort! He recommended to have an MRI done, after the results I was told I have a herniated disk in my neck! Surgery was the only option! After that a second opinion needed to be done and avoid surgery! That’s when I made an appointment with Oakland Spine care! Was the best decision and avoid surgery felt instant relief in a few short visits! I want to thank the doctors and staff! For being so nice and being honest!