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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been very pleased with the services and the staff at Oakland Spine and Rehab. I feel welcome and comfortable and have made many great friends while strengthening my neck and back. Everyone is always so sweet, personable, and professional.

My first impression was of smiling faces. Amanda took me around the resort (Disney Land) to see the office. I initially came with pain and left without it. I appreciate the help and the time.

Thank you Dr. Butler for everything!

I attend Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy 3 times a week if possible since December 4, 2014. I suffer from lower back pain and stiffness in hips and legs. My upper body bends forward when walking. I saw the ad in the paper and decided to go to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy in Wayne. I felt very comfortable with the way everybody treated me and explained the treatments I would have to go through. Now I am looking forward to go for my treatments. Everybody in Wayne is very friendly and helpful and the best thing I am feeling so much better, walking straight, and with less pain. Thank you!

After many years of neck pain, upper back pain and headaches, I decided to give Oakland Spine and Rehab a try. Upon receiving chiro, massage and decompression therapy I noticed a difference in how I felt quickly. I had more energy, practically no headaches, and have not had colds or flu since. P.T. helped me to be in even better shape- where I had learned to stretch and strengthen and have lost weight. The staff members here are most personable which makes it enjoyable to come here. I highly recommend Oakland Spine & Rehab to everyone! Thanks for making me a new person!

I came into Dr. Brad’s office with neck stiffness on the left side and lower back pain. My pain was so severe I could not function on my job or do any other activities I have always enjoyed. I am now half way through my treatment and my pain is minor if at all. Thanks to Oakland Spine, when I do experience discomfort, I have been taught helpful exercise to alleviate any pain so that my mobility is 100% again. I not only receive adjustments but physical therapy as well to strengthen my muscle movement. I have never experienced such a warm and friendly practice as Oakland Spine. The doctors and staff are receptive to any and all limitations you may have and always make you feel welcome and have a lot of compassion. I used to see a chiropractor two years ago but only received x-rays and adjustments and my symptoms would only reoccur at a later date. Oakland Spine showed me that there is more thorough and effective treatment that goes along with adjustments to have a healthier lifestyle and bodily function. I always refer this practice to anyone I know that is suffering from pain. I am so glad and grateful to have had the experience to come to this office for care!

So far everything has been going as planned. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

I first met Dr. Butler approximately six weeks ago. I had pain in my right shoulder and a burning sensation radiating down my right arm causing tingling and numbness in my right hand. I had limited motion turning my head from left to right. I experienced countless nights without sleep.

Dr. Butler diagnosed me with bulging discs in my neck (C6-C7). Immediately following my first treatment receiving decompression and LCT 1000 and had instant relief from pain with decreased tingling and numbness. After a few treatments including adjustments I was pain free and sleeping through the night.

I am so impressed and completely satisfied with the care I received by both Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells. I am appreciative and very thankful for the service, the professionalism, and the caring, friendly staff at this facility. I highly recommend Oakland Spine & Rehab to anyone in need.

My name is Phil and I started treatment around October as recommended by my daughter. Going forward I received a series of various treatments to relieve my back pain. My visits were 3 times weekly which included pettibon, decompression, adjustments, and various recommended exercises. I am now feeling tremendously better. My pain has been reduced and flexibility has increased. I would highly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehab.

First off I have to say the staff are the friendliest. They all treat you with respect and are very courteous. As far as resolving my issues with pain I have to say I have my bad days still but continue to get adjusted cause it does give me a bit of relief. Thank you.

I became Dr. Butler’s patient in August 2010. Before my first visit to his office, in July 2010, I was in the emergency room with herniated cervical disc, and received two epidurals: first one in the E.R., second one as a follow-up with pain management. Both times, I was told surgery, surgery, surgery. But my preferred option was a non-invasive, more natural type of treatment. I found that in Oakland Spine & Rehabilitation Center with Dr. Butler. When Dr. Butler saw me in his office for the first time I was still in pain (on the pain scale 1-10, my pain level was about 7-8) and very limited movement of my arm and my neck. Dr. Butler is very knowledgeable and a very good listener. He listened and he heard what I was saying, he explained how, what and why I was having severe pain and discomfort; he came up with the treatment plan that was appropriate for me. As of mid September 2010, I received about 12-14 treatments of laser, chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression. I noticed end of my fourth treatment, I was moving my arm, my neck more comfortably with less pain; end of my sixth treatment I was in the plane going on vacation. After eight hours of flight, my eight-year-old neice and I were in Paris, walking, shopping, enjoying the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. All these could not be possible if it was not for Dr. Butler and his entire staff in Oakland Spine & Rehabilitation Center. I am very, very grateful to Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells, and the entire staff for their knowledge, their care, their help with everything and giving me my preferred option of non-invasive, natural healing type treatment. Thank you.

I started my first treatment plan with Dr. Butler in early August 2010. That treatment plan included decompression, adjustments, laser, pettibon therapy three times a week for about eight weeks. During that time I had my up’s and downs as Dr. Butler said I would, mostly up’s Now, after eight weeks, because I am doing very well and feeling great pain and discomfort free, I am on the second phase of my treatment plan, which means less frequent and less duration of the treatments. More pain free time means more comfort and more enjoyment of the things I like to do most.

In such a short time I am pain and discomfort free without any surgery or using any kind, type, or form of medication.

Thank you Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells and the entire staff of Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for your help, for your understanding of where I was coming and where I want to go, your knowledge, your positive and cheerful attitude is a very important element of the healing process.

I came to the Spine Center because I was experiencing very sharp pain in my lower back. At times, the pain would travel over my left hip bone to the groin. I was unable to sleep soundly when I did finally find a position to rest. The pain was so intense I would have to almost hold my breath. I froze like a statue. I came to the center with a pain level of an 8 and in less than two weeks I felt like a new person and almost pain free – unless I did something stupid.