Patient Testimonials

September 15th marks the one year anniversary of meeting Dr. Butler at the seminar and sleeping every night since without another Ambien!

I’ve been going to Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy for about 2 months now. I drive to the Wayne location just to be able to have both Dr. Steve and Dr. Joseph work on me. They are both very knowledgeable and work so well with me. The front desk is always polite and friendly. I never have to wait. I always start as soon as I come into the office. They have such a clean and fun atmosphere, it makes my appointments very enjoyable. Very great office.

I started my first treatment plan with Dr. Butler in early August 2010. That treatment plan included decompression, adjustments, laser, pettibon therapy three times a week for about eight weeks. During that time I had my up’s and downs as Dr. Butler said I would, mostly up’s Now, after eight weeks, because I am doing very well and feeling great pain and discomfort free, I am on the second phase of my treatment plan, which means less frequent and less duration of the treatments. More pain free time means more comfort and more enjoyment of the things I like to do most.

In such a short time I am pain and discomfort free without any surgery or using any kind, type, or form of medication.

Thank you Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells and the entire staff of Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for your help, for your understanding of where I was coming and where I want to go, your knowledge, your positive and cheerful attitude is a very important element of the healing process.

Never having experienced acupuncture before coming to the center and not being very fond of needles, I was introduced to the ancient art by Sophia. She adapted her techniques to ensure my comfort and patiently endeavored to target my problem areas with a gentle, sure touch. She has a warm personality and a true concern for the patient’s well-being.

I had been to chiropractors since the 70’s and until going to OSR, I was never presented a plan to take me over a period of time to correct spinal …. The x-rays disclosed scoliosis and stenosis and a lower back which Dr. Brad titled a “board”. Sp. The first area of attack was to gain mobility. Through physical therapy and pettibon I was able to gain much more mobility in the lower back and overall spinal area. For a guy 71 years young, I need mobility to get my golf game back in shape. Now, I’m ready to stick on a maintenance type of program to continue my progress. Pain has also lessened in both back and neck. What has also helped is the self exercise given to me by Drs. Brad and Jeff which I never knew before. They insisted on my doing the exercises for neck and back to compliment my effort at their office. This self exercise really helps and is a constant reminder that curing the ills of spinal problems is a lifetime endeavor.

Initially I came to this office with severe back pain that radiated down my left leg. It was difficult walking. I walked with a limp and it was painful. To sleep through the night was also hard because I couldn’t get comfortable enough without having pain to stay asleep. Since starting to come to this office approximately one month ago, I received chiropractic adjustments twice a week, with pettibon before and after adjustments, I was encouraged to use ice, TENS and abdominal support. Before coming to this office I used a heating pad and pillow under my legs but it did not bring relief from pain. Today after a month, I am walking with only a slight, if no limp and for the most part am pain free.

Dr. Aaliyah’s physical therapy team with Lori and tiffany use their sense of humor to cajole patients to strive harder to achieve their goals. Their professionalism guides you in their well-equipped facility with your safety and comfort foremost in mind. A great addition to the center!

I’d like to say that I am very satisfied with the service I received both in physical therapy and chiropractic care. The staff is very thorough in their assistance in helping me with the treatment I needed.

Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy provided me with the relief I was seeking for 30 years. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first, having been through so much rehabilitation and physical therapy – and to me, that’s my miracle!!! The staff at OSR, from the doctors, technicians and office staff could not be any nicer or more accommodating – and the cookies are good too! Thank you to all.

Love the entire crew at Oakland Spine P.T. It’s a fun and happy place to hear. These guys did a great job of getting my shoulder in ready for surgery and then getting it rehabbed to 100% afterwards! Thanks for the fantastic support.

I had neck pain (from years of cradling the telephone on my shoulder at work) and had back pain on and off for years. I never sought treatment before, but decided to give a chiropractor a try. Between the adjustments and physical therapy for a few months, my neck and back are feeling so much better. I am at a maintenance level, which means that my treatments here have really helped. I would definitely recommend Dr. Butler and his team to someone who might be in pain or was in pain.