Patient Testimonials

I started my first treatment plan with Dr. Butler in early August 2010. That treatment plan included decompression, adjustments, laser, pettibon therapy three times a week for about eight weeks. During that time I had my up’s and downs as Dr. Butler said I would, mostly up’s Now, after eight weeks, because I am doing very well and feeling great pain and discomfort free, I am on the second phase of my treatment plan, which means less frequent and less duration of the treatments. More pain free time means more comfort and more enjoyment of the things I like to do most.

In such a short time I am pain and discomfort free without any surgery or using any kind, type, or form of medication.

Thank you Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells and the entire staff of Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for your help, for your understanding of where I was coming and where I want to go, your knowledge, your positive and cheerful attitude is a very important element of the healing process.

After giving birth to my third baby boy, I developed a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers were totally numbed. My first thought was either cortisone shots or surgery. Then I came across Dr. Butler’s practice. After a series of adjustments and intensive physical therapy, my symptoms are almost entirely gone. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. Also, they handle insurance matters so you don’t have to worry about it. They ALWAYS discuss it with you upfront so there are no surprises. Did I mention they serve delicious cookies? If you experience any problems with your spinal chord, I strongly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center. They go above and beyond to fix your problem!

My name is Phil and I started treatment around October as recommended by my daughter. Going forward I received a series of various treatments to relieve my back pain. My visits were 3 times weekly which included pettibon, decompression, adjustments, and various recommended exercises. I am now feeling tremendously better. My pain has been reduced and flexibility has increased. I would highly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehab.

The Staff at Oakland spine is the best. When I first walked into the office, everyone was very pleasant and wanted to help. I could tell that they were all professionals. They have made life better for me. I have felt much better since I started at Oakland Spine. I plan on keeping up with my program and working with everyone. I would highly recommend Oakland Spine to everyone. They really care about their patients.

I enjoy coming to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy weekly. The atmosphere is very welcoming whether you are attending Physical Therapy or just here for a chiropractic appointment.

Hi, my name is Kelly. I’ve been a patient here for about a year. Before I started treatment with Dr. Butler I was VERY sick. I’ve had severe fibromyalgia for seven years now. I had pain basically everywhere. The muscle spasms were excruciating. I was exhausted, I had frequent violent migraines. I worked as a hair dresser and became disabled a few years ago. I tried treatment with a rheumatologist who gave me injections of liticane all over my back and neck, but it was very temporary and after a while the injections didn’t help much at all and the impact from the needle hurt just as bad as my usual pain. My mom, who is also a patient here, recommended Dr. Butler and I wasn’t “skeptical” but I just didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. When I first came here, I was in pretty bad shape and I had Bells’ Palsy. After a few visits, the Bells’ Palsy subsided and I felt more flexible, my posture improved (a miracle in itself). The migraines are few and far between and nothing like they used to be. Overall I’ve seen a definite improvement in my health. I would definitely recommend anyone to try Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation!

What a wonderful surprise, after suffering 14 months with a lower back and sciatica condition, to find a program that would really work and keep me out of the operating room.

I have been a patient at the Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for two years. During the first three month I was given a treatment plan which was personalized, “The Butler Program”, to help improve my condition. During this time I looked forward to my visits which were three times a week. Upon completely “The Butler Program”, I was truly amazed to feel better and wanted to resume many activities that I was unable to perform for almost one and a half years. I continue to do the exercises given to me during my physical therapy sessions and visit the office for adjustments regularly.

The staff at OSR is top notch. They are always friendly and very supportive. Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells are always ready to answer any question or concern. I am very grateful to have had Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells, and the entire staff help me reach my goal – to enjoy life again!

When I first started coming here, I was in substantial pain. Their program definitely works.

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy I couldn’t even sit up straight! After going through recommended treatment I am now living (and sitting) a healthy life! The staff is wonderful and friendly!

I came to the Spine Center because I was experiencing very sharp pain in my lower back. At times, the pain would travel over my left hip bone to the groin. I was unable to sleep soundly when I did finally find a position to rest. The pain was so intense I would have to almost hold my breath. I froze like a statue. I came to the center with a pain level of an 8 and in less than two weeks I felt like a new person and almost pain free – unless I did something stupid.

My experience at Oakland Spine has been absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in it has been nothing but friendly faces. The staff is very knowledgeable and very accommodating. I have been feeling better with all the chiropractic and physical therapy visits and with the advice I’ve received on how to continue to feel better on the days I don’t come in. I’m super happy with my results so far and I’m glad I found Oakland Spine and their wonderful doctors and staff.

Thanks a million!

Initially I came to this office with severe back pain that radiated down my left leg. It was difficult walking. I walked with a limp and it was painful. To sleep through the night was also hard because I couldn’t get comfortable enough without having pain to stay asleep. Since starting to come to this office approximately one month ago, I received chiropractic adjustments twice a week, with pettibon before and after adjustments, I was encouraged to use ice, TENS and abdominal support. Before coming to this office I used a heating pad and pillow under my legs but it did not bring relief from pain. Today after a month, I am walking with only a slight, if no limp and for the most part am pain free.