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Patient Testimonials

Love this place. The staff here is amazing and treats everyone with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend anyone with pain issues to come here for top notch treatment.

Sophia was a pleasure to deal with. She takes pride in her specialty and she cared about my well being. She made me feel extremely comfortable and it was relaxing.

After giving birth to my third baby boy, I developed a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers were totally numbed. My first thought was either cortisone shots or surgery. Then I came across Dr. Butler’s practice. After a series of adjustments and intensive physical therapy, my symptoms are almost entirely gone. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. Also, they handle insurance matters so you don’t have to worry about it. They ALWAYS discuss it with you upfront so there are no surprises. Did I mention they serve delicious cookies? If you experience any problems with your spinal chord, I strongly recommend Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center. They go above and beyond to fix your problem!

I came into Dr. Brad’s office with neck stiffness on the left side and lower back pain. My pain was so severe I could not function on my job or do any other activities I have always enjoyed. I am now half way through my treatment and my pain is minor if at all. Thanks to Oakland Spine, when I do experience discomfort, I have been taught helpful exercise to alleviate any pain so that my mobility is 100% again. I not only receive adjustments but physical therapy as well to strengthen my muscle movement. I have never experienced such a warm and friendly practice as Oakland Spine. The doctors and staff are receptive to any and all limitations you may have and always make you feel welcome and have a lot of compassion. I used to see a chiropractor two years ago but only received x-rays and adjustments and my symptoms would only reoccur at a later date. Oakland Spine showed me that there is more thorough and effective treatment that goes along with adjustments to have a healthier lifestyle and bodily function. I always refer this practice to anyone I know that is suffering from pain. I am so glad and grateful to have had the experience to come to this office for care!

I’ve been going to Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy for about 2 months now. I drive to the Wayne location just to be able to have both Dr. Steve and Dr. Joseph work on me. They are both very knowledgeable and work so well with me. The front desk is always polite and friendly. I never have to wait. I always start as soon as I come into the office. They have such a clean and fun atmosphere, it makes my appointments very enjoyable. Very great office.

I was diagnosed with three bulging cervical spine discs and bone spurs in the accompanying joints. I was being treated with three percocets a day and two intramuscular injections every six weeks. Two epidurals in the neck had no effect. I was in constant pain each day and night. After 12 weeks of treatment at Oakland Spine, I have not needed one injection and no longer take pain medications!

I began treatment at Oakland Spine hoping their program that included spinal decompression would postpone or cancel the complex and costly neck surgery that was going to be scheduled for early 2013. At this writing I am almost pain free. I have cancelled the pending surgery and can finally get through the day without pain pills. Dr. Butler and his staff could not be nicer! Their personal level of service and friendly dispositions makes treatment sessions a pleasure and not a chore. I have high expectations that upon completion of my treatment, the neck pains I suffered with for almost 10 years will be over for good!!!

As a farmer in Louisiana, hard work, heavy lifting, etc. were part of making a living. I’ve had bad back aches all my life. Rest and exercise eased the problems in youth, but by retirement (at age 71) I had severe pain – mostly from a pinched sciatic nerve in the left leg that had me walking with a cane – at time a walker – with constant pain. A sports doctor in Louisiana x-rayed and gave me a pain killer and a muscle relaxant, both of which are up for law suits later on.

A few treatments here at Oakland Spine, and I have been walking without a cane and virtually pain free for around a year. Single exercises keep the spine in alignment with regular visits to keep reminding me of how to prevent a recurrence of the joint problems.

I do recommend Oakland Spine to anyone who seems skeptical of chiropractic treatment. It does work!

I can’t put into words what a great difference I feel and see in me. It has only been three weeks and I have been able to cut my medication down tremendously. My mind is clearer every day. My body is stronger. My spirit is healing. I can’t believe it. The staff is lovely, the doctors are caring and the facility is super clean. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Oh and I never have to wait! Heaven.

I’ve been coming here for one year. The spine adjustments, laser treatments, physical therapy have been very helpful.

My experience at Oakland Spine has been nothing short of amazing. The staff and treatment they provide is at the top of the charts. Coming here has definitely helped my situation with my neck, and has made a huge difference.

I initially came in to see Dr. Butler because I had injured my shoulder and neck while helping to life a television set with my husband. I was getting horrible headaches that put me out of commission for days at a time. Little did I know that the lifting and headaches were not the root of my pain; they were the symptoms. It had been discovered that there was some degeneration in my neck as well. After many chiropractic adjustments later, it seemed as thought the majority of the pain had gone away. In order to figure out and narrow down where the imbalance was, I had an MRI on my C-spine, and low and behold, the root of the pain was discovered! Some discs in my C-spine were not where they should have been…I felt instant relief from the combination of therapies. My neck motion has improved drastically and my pain has diminished. The headaches have also diminished as well. I thought the pain was something I had to live with for the rest of my life – but now I know better! I have Dr. Butler to thank for taking the pain away!

Hi, my name is Kelly. I’ve been a patient here for about a year. Before I started treatment with Dr. Butler I was VERY sick. I’ve had severe fibromyalgia for seven years now. I had pain basically everywhere. The muscle spasms were excruciating. I was exhausted, I had frequent violent migraines. I worked as a hair dresser and became disabled a few years ago. I tried treatment with a rheumatologist who gave me injections of liticane all over my back and neck, but it was very temporary and after a while the injections didn’t help much at all and the impact from the needle hurt just as bad as my usual pain. My mom, who is also a patient here, recommended Dr. Butler and I wasn’t “skeptical” but I just didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. When I first came here, I was in pretty bad shape and I had Bells’ Palsy. After a few visits, the Bells’ Palsy subsided and I felt more flexible, my posture improved (a miracle in itself). The migraines are few and far between and nothing like they used to be. Overall I’ve seen a definite improvement in my health. I would definitely recommend anyone to try Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation!