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Patient Testimonials

I would like to thank everyone at Oakland Spine and Rehab. The staff is friendly all the time. Thanks to everyone, I am no longer in pain. I would especially like to thank the licensed massage therapists, and the acupuncturist. They have helped me in many ways. I will continue to use Oakland Spine and Rehab for a long time.

I enjoy coming to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy weekly. The atmosphere is very welcoming whether you are attending Physical Therapy or just here for a chiropractic appointment.

I had been to chiropractors since the 70’s and until going to OSR, I was never presented a plan to take me over a period of time to correct spinal …. The x-rays disclosed scoliosis and stenosis and a lower back which Dr. Brad titled a “board”. Sp. The first area of attack was to gain mobility. Through physical therapy and pettibon I was able to gain much more mobility in the lower back and overall spinal area. For a guy 71 years young, I need mobility to get my golf game back in shape. Now, I’m ready to stick on a maintenance type of program to continue my progress. Pain has also lessened in both back and neck. What has also helped is the self exercise given to me by Drs. Brad and Jeff which I never knew before. They insisted on my doing the exercises for neck and back to compliment my effort at their office. This self exercise really helps and is a constant reminder that curing the ills of spinal problems is a lifetime endeavor.

Everyone has been very helpful and understanding throughout my treatment. They have gone above and beyond to make my experiences so beneficial and enjoyable. The doctors have been amazing and have helped me tremendously so far.

I first met Dr. Butler approximately six weeks ago. I had pain in my right shoulder and a burning sensation radiating down my right arm causing tingling and numbness in my right hand. I had limited motion turning my head from left to right. I experienced countless nights without sleep.

Dr. Butler diagnosed me with bulging discs in my neck (C6-C7). Immediately following my first treatment receiving decompression and LCT 1000 and had instant relief from pain with decreased tingling and numbness. After a few treatments including adjustments I was pain free and sleeping through the night.

I am so impressed and completely satisfied with the care I received by both Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells. I am appreciative and very thankful for the service, the professionalism, and the caring, friendly staff at this facility. I highly recommend Oakland Spine & Rehab to anyone in need.

As a farmer in Louisiana, hard work, heavy lifting, etc. were part of making a living. I’ve had bad back aches all my life. Rest and exercise eased the problems in youth, but by retirement (at age 71) I had severe pain – mostly from a pinched sciatic nerve in the left leg that had me walking with a cane – at time a walker – with constant pain. A sports doctor in Louisiana x-rayed and gave me a pain killer and a muscle relaxant, both of which are up for law suits later on.

A few treatments here at Oakland Spine, and I have been walking without a cane and virtually pain free for around a year. Single exercises keep the spine in alignment with regular visits to keep reminding me of how to prevent a recurrence of the joint problems.

I do recommend Oakland Spine to anyone who seems skeptical of chiropractic treatment. It does work!

About two years ago I started to have lower back pain. It would come and go at times and I felt I had to live with it. About a month ago I saw an ad in the newspaper about the Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center and gave it a shot. Now after about a month of chiropractic adjustments 80-90% of the pain is gone. Dr. Butler is THE BEST. Thank you.

I have availed myself of the services of Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy the past few weeks and have received admirable care from the entire staff. The massage therapy component, under the skillful hands of Victoria Megale, has gone a long way toward easing my muscular tensions. I always look forward to the anticipated relief I will obtain after a session with Ms. Megale. Congratulations on having such a talent person in your clinic.

I came to Oakland Spine and Rehab after several months of trying and failing to self-treat the pain in my lower back and left leg. After my initial round of spinal adjustments and acupuncture, my treatment plan moved on the physical therapy. I have found the PT staff of Eric, Lori, Theresa, Natalie, and Jason to be first rate. While they are all knowledgeable in the treatment of injury, this staff takes their work to a higher level. They made me feel like I was part of a family. They pushed me when it was needed, corrected my form when needed, they listened to me when I described my symptoms and they changed my workout based on my needs. Most important, they made me enjoy coming to work out. Overall, I found the physical therapy experience at Oakland Spine and Rehab first rate and have recommended it to family and friends. I give your PT staff 5 stars!

I initially came in to see Dr. Butler because I had injured my shoulder and neck while helping to life a television set with my husband. I was getting horrible headaches that put me out of commission for days at a time. Little did I know that the lifting and headaches were not the root of my pain; they were the symptoms. It had been discovered that there was some degeneration in my neck as well. After many chiropractic adjustments later, it seemed as thought the majority of the pain had gone away. In order to figure out and narrow down where the imbalance was, I had an MRI on my C-spine, and low and behold, the root of the pain was discovered! Some discs in my C-spine were not where they should have been…I felt instant relief from the combination of therapies. My neck motion has improved drastically and my pain has diminished. The headaches have also diminished as well. I thought the pain was something I had to live with for the rest of my life – but now I know better! I have Dr. Butler to thank for taking the pain away!

The staff and team have helped me to not only reduce my pain levels, but improve my quality of life. They have helped me to see that there is always a way to improve your situation and empowered me to take lead in my care plan. I had input in my plan and was provided with tools and situations to work with at home too! Thank you to all those at Oakland Spine who helped me on my path toward a pain free state.

Dr. Aaliyah’s physical therapy team with Lori and tiffany use their sense of humor to cajole patients to strive harder to achieve their goals. Their professionalism guides you in their well-equipped facility with your safety and comfort foremost in mind. A great addition to the center!