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Women with Back Pain… The Silent Majority? Part 2

Women with Back Pain

Last month, we discussed four factors that increase a woman’s risk for back pain: a wider pelvis (resulting in greater pelvic instability due to knock-knee effect); breast size, mass, and weight; hormone levels and variability during menstruation and menopause; and adolescent growth spurts that can trigger idiopathic scoliosis three-times more commonly in women than men. We’ll continue the discussion this month…

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Dr. Brad’s Weekly Health Update: The Dangerous Chemicals Hiding in Your Fast Food Packaging

Fast-food packaging may contain dangerous chemicals.

Many fast-food wrappers and boxes contain a potentially harmful chemical that can leach into the food they contain. Investigators tested more than 400 samples from restaurants nationwide and found that 46% of paper wrappers and 20% of paperboard box samples contained fluorine. Past studies have linked some fluorinated chemicals to kidney and testicular cancer, low birth weight, thyroid disease, decreased sperm quality, pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, and immune system problems in children. Much like the public outcry to reduce BPA in plastics, the public may need to call for a reduction in fluorinated chemicals in fast food packaging. Environmental Science & Technology, February 2017

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