The Butler Spine Program

Spine Decompression Alternatives in North Jersey Treatment for Bulging Discs in Bergen and Passaic Counties

Do You Suffer from any of these Conditions?

  • Herniated Discs
  • Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Neuropathy
  • Spinal Degeneration

Does Your Body Ache?

Far too many Americans allow pain and discomfort to affect their daily lives. Every day, people turn to invasive surgeries and potentially dangerous medications without getting the results they were promised. Here are two simple truths that chronic pain sufferers often lose sight of:

  1. Back and neck pain can often be treated without surgery – EVEN HERNIATED DISCS
  2. Pain killers generally don’t address the problem – they just mask the pain as the condition deteriorates.

Introducing the Butler Spine Program

Spine Decompression Alternatives & Treatment for Bulging Discs

The Butler Spine Program is a revolutionary new treatment designed to help patients battle back pain, neck pain and herniated discs without drugs and surgery. This unique protocol involves a calculated combination of highly advanced, non-invasive therapies and spine decompression alternatives, including Class IV laser therapy, non-surgical spinal disc decompression and physical medicine procedures. The Butler Spine Program provides new hope for patients who have tried everything under the sun, but just can’t get rid of their chronic back and neck pain. And there’s only one place to experience the incredible effects of the Butler Spine Program – Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy!

A Safe New Solution for Chronic Pain

The Butler Spine Program involves the use of powerful state-of-the-art therapeutic lasers to induce a process in the body called photobiostimulation. That may sound complex, but the concept is simple enough: The laser delivers deep-penetrating photonic energy that improves circulation and stimulates tissue healing, while also fighting off inflammation and pain. Another key component of the Butler Spine Program is non-surgical spinal decompression alternatives, a therapeutic procedure during which special computerized traction tables gently separate the vertebrae, allowing the spine to gradually decompress and the herniated discs to reduce in size. Our treatment for bulging discs can be virtually pain free and solve chronic pain issues.

At Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, these and other therapies come together under careful professional guidance to create the revolutionary pain relief treatment known as the Butler Spine Program.

What our patients are saying about the Butler Spine Program

When I first came to Dr. Butler’s office, I had been to several specialists. I had undergone MRI and it was determined I had three herniated discs. One in particular was causing all the pain I have had. It was constant in the back of my right thigh and numbness in my right foot. The pain would shift depending if I was sitting or standing rapidly becoming unbearable. I had gone to doctors for consultation and epidural shots none of which worked. I was also prescribed celebrex which also was ineffective. After my last consultation I was told surgery was my only option.

While searching through my medical plan website looking for doctors for surgery I saw one of Dr. Butler I also saw an ad for him in The Bergen Record Sports section. I called the office and setup an appointment. Dr. Butler explained to me how the pain was happening and what could be done to correct it. I was a bit skeptical at first but did the two complimentary treatments. After the second one…I felt a lot better the next day…I was able to move around pain free under no medication what so ever. Additionally the staff at the Oakland Spine Center is extremely friendly, especially (Jen, Kirstin).

I highly recommend Dr. Brad Butler and Dr. Jeff Wells to anyone that has any neck and back pain.

Donald H.
Ringwood, NJ

I initially came in to see Dr. Butler because I had injured my shoulder and neck while helping to life a television set with my husband. I was getting horrible headaches that put me out of commission for days at a time. Little did I know that the lifting and headaches were not the root of my pain; they were the symptoms. It had been discovered that there was some degeneration in my neck as well. After many chiropractic adjustments later, it seemed as thought the majority of the pain had gone away. In order to figure out and narrow down where the imbalance was, I had an MRI on my C-spine, and low and behold, the root of the pain was discovered! Some discs in my C-spine were not where they should have been…I felt instant relief from the combination of therapies. My neck motion has improved drastically and my pain has diminished. The headaches have also diminished as well. I thought the pain was something I had to live with for the rest of my life – but now I know better! I have Dr. Butler to thank for taking the pain away!

Christine S.
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Spine Decompression Alternatives in North Jersey Treatment for Bulging Discs in Bergen and Passaic Counties

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