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Patient Testimonials

I initially came in to see Dr. Butler because I had injured my shoulder and neck while helping to life a television set with my husband. I was getting horrible headaches that put me out of commission for days at a time. Little did I know that the lifting and headaches were not the root of my pain; they were the symptoms. It had been discovered that there was some degeneration in my neck as well. After many chiropractic adjustments later, it seemed as thought the majority of the pain had gone away. In order to figure out and narrow down where the imbalance was, I had an MRI on my C-spine, and low and behold, the root of the pain was discovered! Some discs in my C-spine were not where they should have been…I felt instant relief from the combination of therapies. My neck motion has improved drastically and my pain has diminished. The headaches have also diminished as well. I thought the pain was something I had to live with for the rest of my life – but now I know better! I have Dr. Butler to thank for taking the pain away!

I love you all for so many reasons – getting me pain free and teaching me home techniques. Helping and taking care of my whole family! Always cheerful! I’m so glad I found you and I tell everyone!

I became Dr. Butler’s patient in August 2010. Before my first visit to his office, in July 2010, I was in the emergency room with herniated cervical disc, and received two epidurals: first one in the E.R., second one as a follow-up with pain management. Both times, I was told surgery, surgery, surgery. But my preferred option was a non-invasive, more natural type of treatment. I found that in Oakland Spine & Rehabilitation Center with Dr. Butler. When Dr. Butler saw me in his office for the first time I was still in pain (on the pain scale 1-10, my pain level was about 7-8) and very limited movement of my arm and my neck. Dr. Butler is very knowledgeable and a very good listener. He listened and he heard what I was saying, he explained how, what and why I was having severe pain and discomfort; he came up with the treatment plan that was appropriate for me. As of mid September 2010, I received about 12-14 treatments of laser, chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression. I noticed end of my fourth treatment, I was moving my arm, my neck more comfortably with less pain; end of my sixth treatment I was in the plane going on vacation. After eight hours of flight, my eight-year-old neice and I were in Paris, walking, shopping, enjoying the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. All these could not be possible if it was not for Dr. Butler and his entire staff in Oakland Spine & Rehabilitation Center. I am very, very grateful to Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells, and the entire staff for their knowledge, their care, their help with everything and giving me my preferred option of non-invasive, natural healing type treatment. Thank you.

My experience at Oakland Spine has been nothing short of amazing. The staff and treatment they provide is at the top of the charts. Coming here has definitely helped my situation with my neck, and has made a huge difference.

Initially I came to this office with severe back pain that radiated down my left leg. It was difficult walking. I walked with a limp and it was painful. To sleep through the night was also hard because I couldn’t get comfortable enough without having pain to stay asleep. Since starting to come to this office approximately one month ago, I received chiropractic adjustments twice a week, with pettibon before and after adjustments, I was encouraged to use ice, TENS and abdominal support. Before coming to this office I used a heating pad and pillow under my legs but it did not bring relief from pain. Today after a month, I am walking with only a slight, if no limp and for the most part am pain free.

I just want to start my letter by saying, if anyone should read it, if you have been suffering with pain or a certain condition, Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells are the doctors that can help you. They have helped me a great deal. I have been suffering with chronic pain in my foot and leg for the past 1 ½ to 2 years. I admit when Dr. Butler explained my 12 week program to me I was a little skeptical about if this would help my problems, only because, I have been to three different doctors, a foot doctor and two neurologists all they wanted to do was give me medicines that make me feel worse then I already felt and also don’t do anything to fix my problems. One day I saw an ad in the paper about what Dr. Butler could do for my body. I could say one thing about Dr. Butler with confidence, what ever he tells you he could do for you he does. I have to say one last thing about Dr. Butler and his staff; they run their office with utmost professionalism and make you feel that they really care about your well being. Thank you to all at Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for helping me. I would most definitely refer other people to Dr. Butler.

I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy in May 2014. I was suffering with extreme lower back pain. It was so bad that I could hardly get in and out of my car. Dr. Butler and his staff put me on a program and within weeks, I was feeling much better. From the moment you walk in the door, you start to feel the positive energy coming from the front desk which inspires you to be there.

When I first came to Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy I couldn’t even sit up straight! After going through recommended treatment I am now living (and sitting) a healthy life! The staff is wonderful and friendly!

Sophia was a pleasure to deal with. She takes pride in her specialty and she cared about my well being. She made me feel extremely comfortable and it was relaxing.

I came into Dr. Brad’s office with neck stiffness on the left side and lower back pain. My pain was so severe I could not function on my job or do any other activities I have always enjoyed. I am now half way through my treatment and my pain is minor if at all. Thanks to Oakland Spine, when I do experience discomfort, I have been taught helpful exercise to alleviate any pain so that my mobility is 100% again. I not only receive adjustments but physical therapy as well to strengthen my muscle movement. I have never experienced such a warm and friendly practice as Oakland Spine. The doctors and staff are receptive to any and all limitations you may have and always make you feel welcome and have a lot of compassion. I used to see a chiropractor two years ago but only received x-rays and adjustments and my symptoms would only reoccur at a later date. Oakland Spine showed me that there is more thorough and effective treatment that goes along with adjustments to have a healthier lifestyle and bodily function. I always refer this practice to anyone I know that is suffering from pain. I am so glad and grateful to have had the experience to come to this office for care!

Never having experienced acupuncture before coming to the center and not being very fond of needles, I was introduced to the ancient art by Sophia. She adapted her techniques to ensure my comfort and patiently endeavored to target my problem areas with a gentle, sure touch. She has a warm personality and a true concern for the patient’s well-being.

What a wonderful surprise, after suffering 14 months with a lower back and sciatica condition, to find a program that would really work and keep me out of the operating room.

I have been a patient at the Oakland Spine and Rehabilitation Center for two years. During the first three month I was given a treatment plan which was personalized, “The Butler Program”, to help improve my condition. During this time I looked forward to my visits which were three times a week. Upon completely “The Butler Program”, I was truly amazed to feel better and wanted to resume many activities that I was unable to perform for almost one and a half years. I continue to do the exercises given to me during my physical therapy sessions and visit the office for adjustments regularly.

The staff at OSR is top notch. They are always friendly and very supportive. Dr. Butler and Dr. Wells are always ready to answer any question or concern. I am very grateful to have had Dr. Butler, Dr. Wells, and the entire staff help me reach my goal – to enjoy life again!